Polyplayground 2 coming soon

Album done; next Polyplayground 2 app comin out soon when I finish it

LA Boiler Room #19 50min Set from February 2013. Played with Colta, Giraffage, XXYYXX, Chrome Canyon.

Mike Gao joins Joe Kay in the Soulection Studio alongside young producer/DJs J-Louis and Andres. Incredible vibes in sunny LBC.


Polyplayground iOS App released

Polyplayground released… Here are some notes:

Please turn off Accessibility functions like ZOOM as well as multitouch gestures on the iPad. This can be found in your iPad settings. This is because the multitouch finger gestures will interfere with the app (eg. when you slide a chord over).

Networked MIDI is the easiest to setup: http://fox-gieg.com/tutorials/2007/midi-over-a-network/

Video for Mike Gao - “Run Before You Wake” on Finest Ego Faces Vol. 2 

Directed & shot by Federico Zanghì

Artwork by Andrea Polichetti

Edited by Ion Tanase

Camera by Gabriele Trapani